National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week 2013 – Te Wiki Tūao a Motu

National Volunteer Week (previously known as Volunteer Awareness Week) is a nationwide event co-ordinated annually by Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ). Tūao is a Maori word that describes volunteering and captures the spirit of giving time for a cause. Events and celebrations are held across New Zealand to recognise the invaluable contribution made by volunteers. Each year VNZ announces the theme and provides a resource kit to assist their member organisations with local and organisational celebrations.

The translation of the NVW into Maori for the first time recognises the desire of Volunteering NZ to acknowledge Maori and the many other ethnicities in New Zealand who are volunteers.
The theme for NVW 2013 is: “He tāngata, He tāngata, He tāngata!” Translated as “It is people, it is people, it is people!”
The theme has been chosen to acknowledge and remind us that volunteering is all about people.

As a part of the resource kits and advertising for the National Volunteer Week we were tasked to create a range of different creative solutions.
Volunteering NZ were so happy with 2 of the graphic options that they couldn’t decide and chose to use both!

Logo & Identity Design

NVW required a unique logo that would both incorporate a their symbol of the New Zealand Flax or Harakeke as it is known in Māori and to also be in line with the selected whakatauki that encompassed the event.

Graphic Design

As a part of the resource kits and advertising for the celebration and for local organisations to use, Volunteering NZ required the following solutions;

Facebook cover banners
Website banners
Volunteer certificates


Volunteering NZ required a simple yet strong graphic for use throughout all the creative solutions.

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