International Volunteer Managers Day 2013

International Volunteer Managers (IVM) Day is held on 5 November every year. This is a day where organisations worldwide celebrate the skills, motivation and preparation that their Volunteer Manager’s put toward thousands of causes each year. Volunteering NZ (VNZ) develop toolkits for organisations to celebrate IVM Day within their own communities.

Organisations across the globe celebrated their Volunteer Manager’s to mark their contribution. The international theme for IVM Day 2013 was: Connecting and Inspiring. In 2013, VNZ released a theme that is specific to New Zealand. The whakatauki VNZ used to promote IVM Day 2013 was: Ma mua ka kite a muri, Ma muri ka ora a mua – meaning, Those who lead give sight to those who follow, Those who follow give life to those who lead.
As this is an international day of recognition and celebration we were required to make our advertising materials consistent in some way with that of the international event. We choose to keep the colours used internationally and also kept our designs consistent with the earlier National Volunteer Week advertising material we created.

As a part of the resource toolkits and advertising for the International Volunteer Managers Day 2013 we were tasked to create a range of different creative solutions.

Logo & Identity Design

Volunteering NZ required an event-specific logo that would;

Incorporate the symbology of the Harakeke (New Zealand Flax) in their logo
Be similar to the previously created National Volunteer Week logo I had created earlier
Be in harmony with the selected whakatauki that encompassed the event

Graphic Design

As a part of the resource toolkits and advertising for the celebration and for local organisations to use, Volunteering NZ required the following solutions;

Facebook cover banners
Website banners
Thank you cards


Volunteering NZ required a simple yet strong graphic for use throughout all the creative solutions and that would also draw on and add to what I had previously created for the National Volunteer Week.

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