International Volunteer Day 2014

International Volunteer Day (5 December) is organised each year internationally by the United Nations. The reason for celebrating this day is to recognise and congratulate volunteers throughout the world within the communities they serve. This is a chance for volunteers, or more specifically the organisations they help, to promote the contributions volunteers have made in our communities on a local, national and international level. Events and activities are organised by volunteer-involving organsations to promote the impact volunteers have on our society.

The theme for the 2014 International Volunteers Day was “Ma tini, ma mano, ka rapa te whai.” This whakatauki translates to “By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished.” The Te Reo Māori theme adds a familiar element that New Zealander’s can identify with and make our marketing campaign unique for other International Volunteer Day campaigns.

This project commissioned by Volunteering NZ, included a range of various advertising material to be used as resource kits to be made available to volunteering organisations nationwide to help raise the awareness of the International Volunteer Day.

Logo & Identity Design

Volunteering NZ requested for the majority of the graphical elements of the previous campaign to be re-used or only slightly altered to maintain consistency with the 2013 IV Day campaign.

They required an event-specific logo that would;

Incorporate the symbology of the Harakeke (New Zealand Flax) in the VNZ logo
Be similar to the National Volunteer Week and International Volunteer Managers Day logos I had created previously
Be in harmony with the selected whakatauki that encompassed the event

Graphic Design

As a part of the resource toolkits and advertising for the celebration and for local organisations to use, Volunteering NZ required the following solutions;

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter cover banners
Website banners
Recognition certificates


Volunteering NZ required a simple yet strong graphic for use throughout all the creative solutions and that would also draw on and add to what I had previously created for the National Volunteer Week and International Volunteer Managers Day.


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