I, George Nepia – Theatrical Production

Written by Hone Kouka and directed by Jason Te Kare, this multi-award winning production is a must-see. I, George Nepia celebrates the life of an East Coast boy who became one of New Zealand’s most revered rugby players. A farmer, a singer, a rebel, a husband, a father, an invincible.

“When I hear others debating who will play fullback for the Kingdom of Heaven versus the rest, I turn to stone. It is not me a question of whether Nepia was the best fullback in history. It is a question of which of the others is fit to lace up his Cotton Oxford boots.”
– Denzil Batchelor, English Rugby Journalist.

For this production I created a range of advertising solutions from the supplied image for two separate production seasons. Some of these advertising solutions included, billboards, banners, posters, postcards and flyers.

Photography & Retouching

Editing and manipulation of supplied image to create suitable graphic that could be used across multiple media formats and a wide range of sizes.

Enhancing, editing and retouching supplied image

Graphic Design

Design and production of graphic in various advertising solutions for two separate seasons and theatre houses.

Posters and billboards in a range of sizes and to spec
Postcard design
Newspaper advertising to spec

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