Aroha Healing

Aroha Love (formerly Mind Body Institute) offer a unique and diverse combination of healing bodywork and facial therapy services, utilising a variety of traditional eastern, western, central American and Pacific inspired techniques to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Brief

The Aroha Healing brand was developed for Mind Body Institute to support their offering of indigenous healing therapies.

They wanted a mark that was in harmony with the name, Aroha (the Māori word for love) – both in meaning and culturally, that would support the indigenous-focused services and products they provide, and that also speaks to the aspects of tradition, healing, energy and flow.

Due to the popularity of the Aroha brand, Mind Body Institute made the decision to realign with its strongest offering and operate under the umbrella of Aroha Love going forward.

Drawing on ancient wisdom and philosophies of New Zealand Māori, Polynesian and Hawaiian bodywork, together with the renowned healing properties of Eastern and Central American cultural therapies, Aroha Love brings you a fresh, diverse and effective way to heal and beautify your body, mind and soul.