WOW – When I go on holiday I really go on holiday don’t I! It’s been a few months since my last post and the time has long since past for me to get back into posting some work and updating the ol’ blog!

Let me begin with a post from my Instagram account (feel free to follow) back on October 17 – .  This day is an important one for my wife and I as this is our wedding anniversary – this year also happened to be our 5th wedding anniversary. Perhaps 5 years isn’t too long in an eternal perspective but I definitely see it as an achievement and you’ve gotta celebrate the small wins right?
It has been an awesome rollercoaster ride the last 5 years of marriage and having a little boy – I can’t imagine doing anything else though and it would be an empty life without my beautiful little family! So this is one of my more recent illustrations and probably the first one of my wife! I’m always a little scared to draw people close to me because I don’t want to offend them if it doesn’t turn out to be the greatest illustration. Time to get back into the illustrations and take a break from the freelance work!