Alrighty – So today’s lucky headshot individual is my little brother, Haroma.
As I mentioned yesterday, he and his wife have been staying with us the past couple of days while Tamara attended a course at Auckland Uni as a part of her post-grad teaching diploma.
Writing about an individual is difficult for me on any occasion, however today it’s not because of a lack of information but rather an over-abundance! Today I have to try and siphon out information that you don’t need (which is most of it) and only include the important.

Haroma is a Pisces who likes to read books by the fire and enjoys long walks on the beach.
Ok serious now – Haroma is a personal trainer in training. He is the youngest in our family of 9 children and as such has spent most of his life being told what to do by his parents and his 8 other older sibling/parents. After spending 2 years serving a mission in central region of the Philippines he is now a confident speaker of Cebuano, Ilonggo (Hiligaynon) and maybe another language? Haroma is a very kind-natured and fun-loving person – I’m pretty sure he loves laughing and you may have even heard his booming laugh at some point, perhaps while visiting a neighbouring city, as it is quite loud in comparison to his other siblings. Anyway he’s got some brownie points for letting me use him and his wife as models for my project so I guess I’ll let them come and stay again next time they’re up here. Enjoy your portraits bro – I expect to see them take pride of place in your social profiles and framed on the wall next time I come to visit.

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