Yay! So I finally have my first willing female participant.

Meet Tamara my sister-in-law – Tamara and my brother have recently moved to Tauranga (our hometown) from Palmerston North. Tamara and my brother have been staying with us the past couple of days while she completes a short course here at Auckland Uni as a part of her Early Childhood Education degree. Thanks to the classic ‘pulling rank over younger siblings’ technique I convinced her and my brother to stand outside on the deck in the freezing 5pm breeze coming up through Hillsborough from the Manukau harbour.

Tamara is originally from Papua New Guinea and I actually met her older brother while he and I were serving a mission in Queensland, Australia a few years before she met my brother. I’m a fan of the one-sided fade that she’s rocking – I think it really suits her. It’s a pity I didn’t get more from that angle but I was trying to avoid the massive, stupid, power pylon that blocks our harbour views and every other Hillsborough/Mt Roskill resident.

Hopefully these portraits will pass the test and Tamara will be happy with them!


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