Every Sunday my family and I attend church, and so with my camera in tow I thought it would be an ideal place to find some willing participants for my project. What I have learned very quickly in the first few days of my project is that females are ‘less excited’ about participating and being photographed hahaha.

So today’s portrait is Elder Smith, a missionary that is currently serving in our congregation. I don’t actually know what his first name is so I have nicknamed him Smiddy although I am sure if I upload it onto Facebook their tagging feature could find that out for me. I took the photo at night under fluorescent lighting so the conditions were so different to what I am used to. A lot of the photos I took had a fuzzy green tinge across them (you may be able to notice it on one of the photos above) so I am keen to figure out what causes that and how to avoid it as I am sure there will be many other instances where I’ll need to photograph under fluorescent light. Anyone out there have any ideas or know exactly what the issue is?

Smiddy is from the western side of Canada somewhere around Calgary (I can’t remember the actual city) however he has unique ties to NZ as his father is originally from New Zealand and is of Maori descent.
You can definitely see the Maori features in his face and of course the cheeky, mischievous look in the eyes (especially in the photo with the green tinge at the bottom.

So for those who aren’t aware of what a missionary is or their purpose – they are young men and women who volunteer to give up 18 months – 2 years of their lives to preach, teach and serve, often in a community far different from the one in which they normally live. Having served for 2 years myself, the skills and abilities I gained from forgetting myself and serving others was immeasurable and has continued to bless my life since completing my service.
Feel free to take a look at www.mormon.org or www.lds.org for more info if you feel so inclined.


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