Today’s cute and curious little subject is my nephew Daluwyn. He is 4 years old and a very bright boy, always asking questions and telling stories. Like most of us here in Auckland, he wasn’t to happy to wake up to the wet and windy weather and the thought of being stuck inside all day.

I managed to get some nice shots of him looking out the window at the rain. One thing I like about photographing kids is that they aren’t so self-conscious about what they look like. I think this helps them to look natural and helps the photographer capture a better portrait of the individual.

His mother asked him to put his clothes on to get ready to go and I noticed he had put his knitted hoodie on backwards. When I pointed it out to him he said he doesn’t need to change it because he can still see out of the hoodie when it’s covering his face. He then proved it by pointing out all the things the could see. Hilarious!