Day 10 – Mariah

Mariah has joined Jay, Nicole and Max in their adventure to New Zealand and is from a town called Kamas in Utah – which is not too far from Park City, Utah. (one of our favourite places to visit in Utah especially the outlet stores!) Mariah has been here with the meyer family for over a year now and is shortly heading off to study at BYU Hawaii!**
It’s a great time to leave our shores for the sunny paradise of the pacific as it is the middle of winter right now. Although it’s not really that cold it’s just a little miserable being stuck in this damp, wet, windy and cold weather.

**Update: Since I wrote this post Mariah has been at BYU Hawaii for over 3 months now. Loving the life there I bet!

Day 09 – Nicole

Today’s portrait is of our friend, Nicole Meyer, who we have met through church. Nicole is Jay’s wife and they have moved to New Zealand (over a year ago) from North Carolina, USA after he and his wife completed their Medical degrees.
Nicole also works in the health sector as a Doctor at the Auckland City Hospital. Jay and Nicole have a son, Max who is 2 years old and have also brought Nicole’s niece Mariah with them on their adventure here in New Zealand.

Unfortunately when I took their photos it was late in the evening and the lighting was…. far less than desirable. However I am still relatively happy with how they’ve turned out.

Day 08 – Jay

So I have definitely been off the pace lately for a number of reasons, however to quote the words of my good friend Haydn, “No excuses – Just results.”

I didn’t end up following through with my 100 days project to the end as I lost control of my time-management and started focusing on our upcoming trip to the U.S.A and then all the time we actually spent there. So what I am doing now is finishing up with all those that I DID manage to take photos of so I can complete it and put it to rest until next year.

Day 08 belongs to a new friend Jay Meyer who I have met through church. Jay and his family moved to New Zealand from North Carolina, USA after he and his wife completed their Medical degrees.
Jay is an eye surgeon (Ophthamologist?) and works here in Auckland at the Greenlane Hospital as well as guest lecturing at Auckland University. Ophthalmologists are doctors who are trained in the treatment of diseases of the eye. Most will be trained in eye surgery and most nowadays have specialised interest in a particular part of the eye, for example, the cornea, the retina, the eye lids or muscles that control the eye movements.